Cumulus Delivers For UPS

The UPS Store Midwest is a local co-op of32 independently owned shops in the Kansas City Area. The co-op had built a very strong position using the full spectrum of local media to drive traffic and awareness, but vaulted to the top-ranking of US stores in per-store revenue when they adopted a more focused “B2B” message and a radio-centric approach for delivering it.

The local brand was well-known for their packaging services, but this focus was not a strong profit-driver. In 2009, they developed a new strategy focusing on high-margin document services for small and mid-sized businesses. USPSNW worked with Cumulus Sales Manager Dave Wanamaker to develop high-engagement campaigns that tied to Cumulus broadcasts of the Kansas City Chiefs. Based on the success of these campaigns, the co-op expanded their advertising, utilizing 3 additional Cumulus stations that had large audiences among local SMB owners.

The co-op has since shifted 100% of their marketing budget to radio after growing 15% for each of the last two years. They continue to utilize creative, highly targeted campaigns that drive interest and engagement in the SMB market, proving that radio delivers for B2B campaigns as well!