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Cumulus Delivers For UPS

The UPS Store Midwest (“USPSNW”) is a local co-op of 32 independently owned shops in the Kansas City area. The co-op had built a very strong position using the full spectrum of local media to drive traffic and awareness, but vaulted to the top-ranking of US stores in per-store revenue when they adopted a more focused “B2B” message and a radio-centric approach for delivering it.

The USPSNW stores were well-known for their packaging services, but this focus was not a strong profit-driver. In 2009, they developed a new strategy focusing on high-margin document services for small and mid-sized businesses. USPSNW worked with Cumulus Sales Manager Dave Wanamaker to develop high-engagement campaigns that tied to Cumulus broadcasts of the Kansas City Chiefs. Based on the success of these campaigns, the co-op expanded their advertising, utilizing 3 additional Cumulus stations that had large audiences among local SMB owners.

The co-op has since shifted 100% of its marketing budget to radio after growing 15% for each of the last two years. The co-op stores continue to utilize creative, highly targeted campaigns that drive interest and engagement in the SMB market, proving that radio delivers for B2B campaigns as well!