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Every year we help thousands of businesses win more than their fair share of local consumer interest. These campaigns range from medical practices to restaurants, retail, and even re-election campaigns. Check out examples below.

Campaign Packs Cruise In 1 Hour

The Isles of Shoals Steamship Company operates tour ships that specialize in hosting party cruises. They are a seasonal, weather-driven business and every opportunity to take advantage of a beautiful summer evening counts. When the company planned a last-minute DJ-hosted evening cruise, they faced a challenge: how to sell up to 100 tickets in 4…

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An MD’s Marketing Makeover

The growth of Dr. Carmen Kavali’s medical practice is a strong testament to the impact that radio advertising, coupled with a creative branding idea, can have on almost any professional practice. Dr. Kavali coined the term “Mommy Makeover” for her procedure targeted at women who are done having children and wish to restore their bodies…

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Firehouse Turns On A Dime With Radio

“Our way beats their way or it’s free.” That’s the message that Zimmerman Advertising used to anchor Firehouse Subs’ return to radio advertising in late 2009, the middle of The Great Recession. Firehouse/Zimmerman bucked industry trends to focus on differentiation instead of price-discounts. With the stated goal of using this radio-achored campaign consistently for the…

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Streaming Triples Website Traffic

Davenport Motor Co., a two-location Lexus dealership in Dallas TX, was a well established brand with an active, digitally savvy marketing department. Its website was a critical component in their marketing model – web traffic is often a vital measure of a dealer’s success since most consumers make pre-purchase decisions before they ever set foot…

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Cumulus Delivers For UPS

The UPS Store Midwest (“USPSNW”) is a local co-op of 32 independently owned shops in the Kansas City area. The co-op had built a very strong position using the full spectrum of local media to drive traffic and awareness, but vaulted to the top-ranking of US stores in per-store revenue when they adopted a more…

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