Cumulus Radio

With 445 stations in 90 cities, Cumulus is the largest pure-play radio company in the US and one of the nation’s top providers of local marketing solutions.

Our radio and digital brands serve numerous large, loyal, and demographically-distinct audiences in each of these markets. The appeal of our local brands, which serve over 65 million listeners, is evidenced by their resilience across our shifting media landscape. According to numerous accredited studies, radio reaches 93% of 12+ populations every week and continues to grow among segments such as high-income households and the most web-savvy and gadget-obsessed consumers. At Cumulus, we are also rapidly growing our share of digital media consumption through streaming and mobile players.

In the aggregate, our local media brands typically reach more consumers than the newspaper, local TV news, or dozens of combined cable channels. And unlike those other media, our properties can deliver a targeted message to the same consumers with unparalleled frequency.

This enables Cumulus to provide advertisers with a compelling opportunity to reach and influence vast pools of local spending power. By virtue of reaching more people, more often, and for less investment than other local media, we bring clients a competitive advantage that helps them win more than their fair share of that spending power.

Cumulus intends on becoming the next generation radio broadcasting enterprise. By leveraging great people and technological excellence, we provide high quality local programming choices for our listeners; targeted audiences with disposable income for our advertisers; and rewarding career environments for our employees.

Campaign Packs Cruise In 1 Hour

When the Isles Of Shoals tour cruise faced an empty ship near departure time, they turned to our opt-in text club as a solution. A single blast to 18,000 listeners filled the ship and generated peak concession revenue.

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