Victory 2012

Win more than your fair share of hearts, minds, and votes this fall!
Whether for office, a ballot initiative, or to rally turnout, radio reaches more voters, more often, and for less cost than any other local medium. That’s why radio has always been a vital tool at election time and has helped tip the scales more times than even we can count.

It’s a fact: Radio influences better. There is no more effective way to move opinion and motivate support than with an emotional message delivered to receptive ears. Radio is intrusive in nature and has the lowest commercial avoidance of any local media (over 4x better than TV). It is remembered more than TV, Print, and Internet ads. When you couple this with persuasive story-telling and ample time to tell your side of things, you get far more impact, message retention, and emotional connection with voters.*

Radio also offers unparalleled flexibility, which is critical in the late stages of a campaign. We all know that facts emerge, positions change, and sentiment sways. No other media can support tactical moves with more speed, at lower cost, and with higher quality production than radio. You can literally be campaigning on air before the headlines hit or the evening news airs.

And in the late stages of the campaign, when funds are at a premium, you can magnify your marketing by shifting budget to radio. At the same GRP levels, radio can impact recall as much as TV at a fraction of the cost. In fact, radio is the perfect compliment to your TV or cable advertising: moving 10% of a TV budget to Radio can raise total recall by 15%*

In the final analysis, the reason you should contact Cumulus is quite simple: we reach a sizable number of your target voters and, given their habitual frequency of listening, and the effectiveness of our medium, nobody can help you sway opinion amongst these millions of voters (Republicans, Democrats and Undecideds) better than we can. Nobody.

* Radio Ad Effectiveness Lab Research Compendium 2002 & The Impact of Commercials on the Radio Audience: Arbitron, Media Monitors, Coleman